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The First 45

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Announcing the first Poets 45 in NME, September '64. (TKB)

Announcing the first Poets 45 in NME, September ’64. (TKB)

The First 45

Demo copy

Demo copy

The Poets vinyl debut, Now We’re Thru’.

The US issue of Now We’re Thru’


Australian copy

South African issue of The Poets 1964 debut Now We're Thru as shown on from 2009...thanks to Andrew Divine for hipping us to this elusive if odd PS

South African issue of The Poets 1964 debut Now We’re Thru as shown on from 2009…thanks to Andrew Divine for hipping us to this elusive if odd PS


Audio MP3

Now We’re Thru (Gallacher/Paton/Myles)


Audio MP3

There Are Some (Gallacher/Paton/Myles)

Although ‘Now We’re Thru’ appeared on a major record label there were some outlets, especially in Scotland, that had found it quite difficult to obtain their copies.

Ad for first Poets single

Ad for first Poets single

Decca had placed quite a few promotional ads and small articles in many of the pop publications in the run up to release, and so early sales for this new group were still encouraging. However, it wasn’t the big chart hit everyone wanted it to be, eventually stopping just shy of the national Top Thirty in late October 1964.


'The Poets' play Lakeside R'nB club with 'The Clique'...not a bad line up!!

City Hall Sheffield Gig Poster

The group, meanwhile, were busier than ever and stayed out on the road playing the length of the country, from Aberdeen to Dover and then some, in a zig-zag tour of seemingly never ending one-nighters, doubles,and sometimes even trebles. They also managed to appear on a few television shows on the way, including Ready Steady Go, Juke Box Jury, Stramash, and the Beat Room.

When an advance copy of the Poets’ debut record was played to The Beatles’ John Lennon, he’d apparently remarked that it was “fucking weird”.

The group were also filmed playing a few songs, including of course ‘Now We’re Thru’, that was reportedly earmarked for use on the Ed Sullivan Show in USA. However, although the single did appear in USA, on the tiny Dyno-Vox label, it didn’t achieve the major success Stateside that was at first anticipated.

This film segment of The Poets performing ‘Now We’re Thru’ was, however, included in a portrayal of ‘new British groups’ on the then hugely popular US programme ‘Shindig!’.



The Poets grace the front cover of ‘Teenbeat’

Teenbeat chart listing

Teenbeat chart listing




FAB Charts

Closer to home, some of the group’s Scottish fans were in despair at not getting to see their idols perform on Top Of The Pops, due to there having been a power cut when it initially went out, so the BBC were forced to show it again a few days later or so. The single also climbed to a respectable number 22 in the NMEs Pop Thirty chart and the group seemed to be well on their way to being, admittedly minor, national pop stars.

Publicity was even gained from a, thankfully not major, traffic accident.


The Poets thanks their fans for a successful year. Image courtesy Glasgow Unsigned

1964 Fan club Christmas Card