The Poets

The Poets photos and images

Written By: Lenny Helsing

Poets in late 1966 L-R Jim, Hume, Norrie, Andi, Fraser (courtesy Fraser Watson)

super cool Poets shot late 1966 L-R Andi, Norrie, Hume, Fraser and Jim

The Poets in classic 1965 jumping beat group shot L-R Hume Paton, George Gallacher, Fraser Watson, Jim Breakey and John Dawson (courtesy Fraser Watson)

Baby Don’t You Do It (promo copy)

Fan Club Membership
(courtesy Scott Campbell)

Set of Poets autographs from a fan in Cornwall on sale via eBay Dec 5 2013

I Am So Blue’ gets a plug in ‘Beat’ magazine Issue 22, July 1965.
Courtesy Scott Campbell

The Poets thanks their fans for a successful year.
Image courtesy Glasgow Unsigned

Agency Ad from Beat magazine Issue 22, July 1965
Courtesy Scott Campbell

early days Poets circa 1964 on stage with George and John

Poets relaxing at home in late ’65 or very early ’66 L-R back Hume, Fraser, John, front Jim and George

First set of promo shots taken in spring 1966 for the post-George line up with new singer Andi Mulvey (back middle)

half obscured is Jim Breakey, with Fraser Watson and Hume Paton onstage Poets late 1965 / early 1966

Summer 1965 in The Grange, Bothwell (the Paton’s house), first photo shoot with new guitarist Fraser Watson, centre. L-R John Dawson, Jim Breakey (croucing), Fraser Watson, Hume Paton and George Gallacher

Late 1965 Poets: Hume and George (with tambourine – semi obscured)

Hume Paton early 1966 with Gibson SG

Fraser “Glover” Watson 1967

think this was taken from Record Mirror Feb 1965

photo accompanying news report of Poets minibus crash, early 1965

George told me this was one of the earliest promo photos of The Poets, taken in early 1964 (LH)

Poster advertising ‘The Poets’ in concert at Glasgow’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ club Dec 2 2011

The Poets (1965)

The Poets 1965 line up (LH)

The Poets with new drummer Jim Breakey (LH – copy)

Call Again the group’s first for Immediate in autumn 1965

Top Band!

The POETS 1964 fan club Christmas Card (LH)

Promo photo of The Poets in ’65 with new guitarist Fraser Watson, far left (LH)

A great shot of the early Poets circa 1964 courtesy of Alan Weir’s scrapbook posted on the Poets Facebook page by his granddaughter

Advance Pye label demo of 1964 debut single yet to be given the name Now We’re Thru