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George Gallacher RIP

Written By: PoetsAdmin - Aug• 29•12

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the sudden and tragic death on Sat Aug 25 of our dear friend and musical compatriot, lead vocalist of The Poets, George Gallacher. He died from cardiac failure, whilst driving home from Firhill Park after watching his beloved Partick Thistle FC beat Dumbarton 3-0. He would’ve been a very happy man that day. As anyone who’s ever heard George in action either in The Poets of old, or in the recently resurrected Poets line-up with The Thanes will tell you, he had a totally unique vocal, and despite having only one serviceable lung, was a thoroughly compelling and unique presence.
Since undergoing major heart surgery some years ago, George was on daily dose of medication, and often voiced his fears to his friends over his mortality. He is survived by his dear wife Anne, and sons Craig and Fraser.

His good friend, and BBC Radio Scotland producer Stewart Cruickshank sums it up thusly: “For many, the dapper and enduring singer with The Poets. For many more, a man of principle, a family man, a natural-born teacher, friend and philosopher. For me, at 13, the man who, in 1964, sang the eerily beautiful Now We’re Thru’, the beginning of a life-long adventure in reverberation. Beyond beat music and into another realm: George Gallacher. I loved George, I worked in music with George. He and Fraser sang at my 50th birthday ‘do’. The application of eloquence and economy in language: George Gallacher. Not for nothing did Andrew Loog Oldham sign The Poets. Not for nothing did Partick Thistle win 3-0 on Saturday 25/08/2012.”

Personally I feel very privileged to have been good friends with him for the last 25 years, and more recently, to have had the good fortune to have played alongside him, and Fraser too, in the revamped group, helping to keep the name of The Poets alive. I’ll be eternally thankful that we also got to play these few truly memorable gigs in Glasgow, London, and most recently at Festival Beat in Italy.

Lenny Helsing (The Thanes /The Poets)

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  1. Jack law says:

    I met George only a couple of times when I was with Greenmantle in the early 70s and then a bit later through SWP. A man of principle and commitment as well as a unique voice. He will be sorely missed I’m sure.

  2. Stella Knox (nee Barclay) says:

    In my teens I was one of George’s many loyal fans – we travelled all over Scotland to see them peerform. He had such a charasmatic voice. After I got married we emigrated to South Africa abd I always wondered how he was doing etc. we used to go visit his mum every Wed night for a few years. I actually got in touch with him thru the Vic Galloway show and he wrote back to me. I was so shocked and saddened by his passing – he will live on in our hearts – George RIP and condolances to Anne & family.

  3. Jacqueline Byrne says:

    So very sorry to hear this sad news. I personally am forever grateful for the encouragement and support George gave me in both Art and Music, going back as far as 1990/91 and up to the present day. My life is richer for having known him. ‘Goodbye Won’t Come Easy.’

  4. Mar Bruntongaret says:

    You have said it all Lenny. George and the band were a huge part of our lives for 20+ years and I still can’t believe that we never see him again. Like you our thoughts go to Ann Carig and Fraser who will miss than any of us the unique human that he was. Rock on our Lovley George you many be gone from this world but you will never be forgotten by those who kew and loved you.

  5. james livingstone says:

    i had the pleasure of when being a 15 year old boy with our village group the other side we supported the poets in leslie town hall it was like supporting the beatles for us at 15,our first big band we saw comming from a mining village in fife, you werent allowed in the kinema at 15 so to see and eventually play support to the poets was one of the most remarkable things in my life im now 61 and have reformed my band after 23 years ,solo performer and to think it was all due to the influence of george and the poets .. r.i.p. george and thanks for my carear.

  6. eleanor says:

    i was devastated to hear the sad news, and that i missed george’s funeral today. i had the privilege of studying with george at strathclyde uni and of experiencing his gigs during that time and beyond. an amazing man – and truly of the people. i hope a tribute is to be organised and that we’re not thru’

  7. David McHarg says:

    I attended Georges funeral on sat, I hadn’t seen him in a while but for myself I wanted to say goodbye, I worked in the Scotia bar and knew George from the Thistle games, he always had time for a chat, always.
    funnily at the funeral I looked at my fingers which have blisters on them from playing guitar and thought to myself, that your fault George!, after taking in as many Blues Poets gigs as I could I would bug George for tips in playing and styles, he just said ‘Just practice! It’ll come to you’, this got me through many a frustrated practice when I just couldn’t nail it, loved the gravel in Georges voice, made you look and listen.
    Cheers George.

  8. christina says:

    Just to say my heart goes out to all who were so special in this young mans life./family friends/and all yourlovely fans.your talent will never be forgotten/u will never be may not be here young man but your music is in everyones mind and heart take care god bless all love Tina xx

  9. William Taylor says:

    I had the pleasure of working with George (and Fraser) at Mcdonald Pneumatic tools (71-76)…I cannot begin to describe what a massive influence he had on me. We talked politics, music and football – he was instrumental in me going to nite school and Uni.

    I also roadied a few times for the Dead Loss Band – “santiago”, now there was a song.

    George was such a huge influence on my life – albeit that I did not see him for over 30 years.

    RIP George – thanks for everything.

    Wee Willie Taylor

  10. IRENE CONNELLY says:

    My husband, Brian, worked with George, and Fraser, at John Macdonald Pneumatic Tools until 1980, when we moved to England. We have only just come across the report on the internet of George’s death nearly five years ago and are so shocked and saddened. We remember well going to see the brilliant Dead Loss Band, and spent time on other occasions with George, Anne and Fraser. Happy times! We send our love and deepest sympathy to Anne and her sons, and to Fraser. It is always hard when we lose the good guys.

    from Irene and Brian Connelly

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