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The following pages tell the story of, what was probably, Scotland’s most original group of the 1960’s.

This site pulls together the full story of this remarkable group, from the early days playing local clubs, to recording sessions with ‘The Rolling Stones’ manager, Andrew Loog Oldham and on to releasing records on ‘The Beatles’ label Apple. We have included sound bites of all (well most!) of the ‘Poets’ released output, as well as some exciting clips of unreleased demos.

We will be adding more content to this site as we gather it all together. We have some great images that will soon be online, so keep popping back for a wee look you will be surprised by some of the things we have managed to unearth for you!

Indeed, why don’t you join us on our Facebook page and  ‘meet’ with other Poets fans, and maybe if you used to regularly go and see ‘The Poets’,  ‘Trash’, or even ‘The Pathfinders’ you may see some folk there that you haven’t seen for some time. Why not post any images that you may have of yourselves in your ‘mod’ days? Or perhaps you have a flyer from ‘The Candlelight’ or ‘The Flamingo Ballroom’ that you’d like to share?

This site is run with the full cooperation of ‘The Poets’, who have supplied many of the images that you will see, but if you have any other images or information about ‘The Poets’ then get in touch, or else upload your images to our Facebook page.

We are indebted to everyone who has been kind enough to send in images and info etc for our most recent update, and to those who have let us borrow their original photographs and cuttings etc…The Poets site maintainers and administrators would especially like to extend their full gratitude to Fraser Watson, Marie Paton and to Pat McCausland for extensive use of images from their respective photo albums and scrapbooks!


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All text about ‘The Poets’ by Lenny Helsing.
All images of ‘The Poets’, ‘Trash’ , ‘The Arrows’ courtesy of ‘The Poets’, Lenny Helsing, Pat McCausland, Fraser Watson, Marie Paton except where noted.